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Does Staging Work? – Part 1

February 4th, 2011

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Staging is a critical component of selling your home, and there are different ways to tackle it.

If you are fully furnished, you may need a little rearranging, clutter removed and some items brought in to create the perfect effect.

If you have a few items to work with, you can also add to them.

Vacant homes are abundant right now and to stand out you must create an environment where buyers can connect emotionally. I will illustrate here with some before and after staging photos so you can make your own decision.

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Simply put, home staging is the process of thoroughly preparing your home to go on the market. Statistics prove that staged homes sell in half the time and for an average price 6.9% higher than their comparable non-staged competition. *

People are shopping for homes differently today and your property could be eliminated before a buyer ever comes near it.  In 1995 just 2% of people did any online research before going out to look at homes, but by 2007 that number had jumped to a whopping 87%! ** Today’s buyers are looking at homes online and sending their brokers a list of properties they want to see. If your property doesn’t present beautifully in the listing photos, buyers will eliminate it before you ever get them to a showing. Home staging by a professional assures that your property will show in it’s most positive light in your listing photographs and for personal showings.

Those statistics go up to 2007. It is generally accepted that now approximately 95% of people are looking online prior to deciding which properties to look at. So staging and getting excellent photos dramatically increases your chances of getting a buyer to come for a showing vs. an empty property.                                           – Study done by the International Association of Home Staging Professional

Written by David Krause // Leave A Comment